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Baby Boomer Fitness Personal Training Business

What is Boomer Fitness?

At Boomer Fitness, we offer fitness programs for those 35 & older & education for personal trainers. We have developed a system that has been proven in our own clubs and by trainers around the county. Clients experience reduction in injuries and dramatic benefits in General Fitness, and Weight Management. We have created specialized programs to improve Golf Fitness, Tennis Fitness, Biking Fitness, Hiking Fitness and Skiing Fitness.

What are the fitness needs of Baby Boomers?

Boomer Fitness offers a set of patent-pending conditioning programs that are unlike any other workout program. As people age they have more injuries and soreness to contend with and are often frustrated by their level of fitness. Many of these issues can be reduced or eliminated by how we workout.

Our programs address the main concerns of boomers: more energy, better performance in the activities they enjoy and protection from injury.

Why should fitness professionals care?

Boomer Fitness is now sharing the benefits of our programs with trainers and gyms through our licensing and education programs. The growing market for fitness services targeted to the boomer generation has been recognized by numerous business and fitness industry pundits and publications. The boomer generation are health conscious, motivated and financially secure – perfect clients for gyms and trainers who have the right knowledge to address their needs.

How can I learn the Boomer Fitness approach?

Boomer Fitness Webinar Series: Personal Training - How to grow your business by tapping into the Baby Boomer Market

Date: Tuesday, Feb 23rd

Specialized Training for the Boomer Generation. Be Prosperous! Tap into the growing Baby Boomer Market. In this unique 10-week webinar we will teach you how to market and grow your business and increase your revenue by leveraging our 8 proven workout programs.

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Health Fitness for Baby Boomers

New Interview with Arleen Cauchi, CEO of Boomer Fitness!
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Boomer Fitness in Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine's 2010 Trends Features Boomer Fitness

The impact of the aging Baby Boomer generation on the Health and Fitness Industry is one of the 10 Trends to watch for 2010 - with a mention for our program and a quote from our founder Arleen Cauchi.

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Boomer Fitness Business

Let's Get Physical

They started the running craze and aerobics. Now they're finding new ways to keep their bodies young.

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Boomer Fitness BusinessCNBC, Boomers Spend Big Bucks for "Buff".

Baby Boomers may be giving up work as they head into retirement, but they are certainly not giving up on working out.....

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