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What is the difference between Bfit for GolfSM and the workout that I do now?

How does my body affect my golf game?

What improvements can I expect in my golf game?

What are muscle imbalances and how do they affect my golf game?

Do you provide golf lessons?

What is the difference between Bfit for GolfSM and the workout that I do now?
A golf-specific program will help condition your body for the physical demands of the game. Many people I know lift weights to improve their game but they do not address flexibility. Lifting weights only can actually decrease flexibility and hurt a player's swing and ultimately their game. Worse, training improperly can increase the risk of injury.

Bfit for GolfSM addresses strength, flexibility, cardio, power, endurance, and balance. A Workout that does not address all these physical elements will not help you achieve the results you desire.

How does my body affect my golf game?
For players at every level, the golf swing is one of most difficult skills to execute consistently because it requires a high degree of spatial awareness for the ever-changing conditions of play. A round of golf requires strength, flexibility, power, and balance. Remember, it is your body swinging those new clubs and the body dictates your golfing ability and the outcome of your game. These physical requirements affect your swing in the following ways:


  • One's core controls body movements and is essential in maintaining proper posture and swing plane.
  • Pecs, Lats & Rotator Cuffs are the dominant upper body muscles in the golf swing.
  • Good grip strength helps in those off center shots.


  • Flexible shoulders, back and hips can lengthen one's golf swing to gain distance.
  • Flexibility helps achieve swing efficiency.
  • Tight hip flexors are common and can affect upper body rotation and lower back pain.


  • Swinging power comes from the lower body.
  • Momentum must be transferred through a stable trunk to the upper body.


  • Postural balance is necessary during weight transfer. The average professional golfer can balance on 1 foot for an average of 25 seconds, while the average amateur can balance for only 5 seconds.
  • Common imbalances in the muscles such as the right side being significantly stronger that the left-side, are often the cause of injury or soreness.


  • Endurance will help to maintain focus throughout a round.

What improvements can I expect in my golf game?
Every player is different so results will vary, however, research studies conducted at the golf institute have found that the average player can achieve the following:

  • Increased distance as much as 30 yards
  • Improved accuracy on approach shots (with higher lofted clubs)
  • Club head speed increase by 5.2 Mph
  • Better concentration while playing
  • Less back pain
  • Higher overall level of play
  • More energy
  • More consistency in play

What are muscle imbalances and how do they it affect my golf game?
Life in general, as well as the game of golf, creates imbalances in our body. For example, for most of us, the right side will be the strong side. Attaining muscle balance means that your left arm is just as strong as your right arm. In golf, this is essential, since you are supposed to control and deliver about 80% of your power with the non-dominant side of your body. This skill is difficult but it is even harder if your dominant side is twice as strong as the non-dominant side. Fitness experts like to compare muscle imbalance to a car with improper alignment. The car looks fine but over time, the imbalance leads to uneven tire wear thus, affecting the overall ride of the vehicle. Let's say you are hitting 150 balls a week at the driving range in an effort to improve your game. You are going to start developing muscle imbalances. If you don't do something to counteract those imbalances, you will not be golfing at your optimal level and you may be prone to injury.

Do you provide golf lessons?
We do not provide golf lessons. We condition your body for the golf swing. Golf lessons will help you develop your golf skills. We will help you hit the ball harder, with more consistency and play with less injury. To play your best you need to condition your body as well as take lessons. We work with several golf professionals in the area. Please reference the affiliate section of our website.


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