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Bfit for General Fitness is providing members with more energy and less stiffness and pain.  Some of our members are now able to move like they are 20 years younger.  

No More Back Pain

“…playing with my kids was getting harder and harder and painful.  By building my core, I can now enjoy our time together pain free!” Fred Jackson, General Fitness Workout

Love the Customized Workout

 “…I love how you personalize the workout. 
… Now that I know what areas to work on I can make my body stronger in the right places.  I can focus on how I workout instead of how long I workout.”   Kathy Leon, General Fitness Workout

Broken Leg Continues to Improve  

“…A badly broken leg kept me off the hiking trails for months but after just eight weeks  at Boomer Fitness I am stronger, have good range of motion and  better balance.  And, best of all,  I'm back on the trail taking long hikes again!”Tom Davids, General Fitness Workout

 30-minute Total Body Workout can help my Cycling

“Being a cyclist, I understand the importance of strength and flexibility training, not only to enhance my riding enjoyment, but also to prevent injury.    But I'm also the mother of small children, so my personal time is limited.   ….  You have developed a great program that fits my busy schedule.  Just 30 minutes, two or three times a week gives me a complete workout (including flexibility exercises which have helped considerably with an existing knee problem).  It's also a great resistance workout which keeps my bones strong, something that cycling alone can't do.  I even ride to Boomer to do my workout, so I don't miss out.  What could be better! …”   Samantha Woodward, General Circuit


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