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Every member has enjoyed improvements in their game after only 8 weeks of Bfit for Golf℠.  For some it is an increase in distance for others it is an elimination of pain...

Pain Eliminated

“...I noticed that I was not tired or sore in my usual trouble spots...shoulders, back and hips. The last swing on 18th hole was as strong and fluid as the one on the first hole. Your program is working!!” Bob Barone, Golf Workout

Gained 30 Yards

“Within 6 weeks, I gained 30-yards on my drives and 2 clubs lengths on my irons.
…I still can’t believe what a difference it has made…” Scott Mason, Golf Workout

Effortless Swing

“…the golf workout has dramatically improved my flexibility, balance and core strength. My back swing and follow through are now nearly effortless. My improved balance, stability, and increased core strength has easily added 15 to 20 yards to my distance. ”Alex Phillips, Golf Workout

Improved Endurance and Focus

“The golf workout has tremendously helped my overall flexibility, which is key in my golf swing. I have also noticed that my endurance has increased
… making it easier for me to stay focused throughout 18 holes…”. Greg Locke, Golf Workout


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