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Tennis players are finding they are much faster on the court and beating people they never have before...

Winning with more Consistency

“…It’s a whole new game for me … I am hitting with more consistency and beating players that I have never beat before...” Missy Chiesa, Tennis Workout

Faster on the Court

“...I am moving much faster on the court …Now I need to make sure I don’t overrun the ball...” Jim Koch, Tennis Workout

Getting in Shape

“I always thought that playing Tennis was my workout and would keep me in shape. I did not realize the imbalances and strain that I was creating in my body. Thanks to the Boomer Fitness Tennis Workout, I am working to eliminate my imbalances. I hope this will allow me to play better tennis for years to come.” Steve Ellingson, Tennis Workout

Customization is the Difference

“I am just loving my customized training workout for tennis. You guys quickly assessed my strengths and weaknesses and developed a training routine that is immediately showing an improvement in my game.  The best part of all is that the workouts are fast and, for a change, fun.” Tom Middlemass, Tennis Workout


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