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Bfit for Weight Management is providing members with a fun and satisfying way to gain control of their weight.

Lost inches in Weeks

“…I’ve lost about inch and half on my waist and an inch on my thigh ... My clothes are fitting better. ..” Janet Lamb, Weight Management Program

My Pants are Fitting Better

 “…Even after the first few weeks, my jeans and slacks are fitting better ...”    Elaine Schaffer, Weight Management Program

Down 4 Pant Sizes!

“… I had a box of clothes that I was going to give to good will because I knew I would never be small enough to wear them ... It just 2 months I have dropped 4 sizes and I am wearing that box of clothes .. soon I will be able to wear those low hip hugging jeans! ...” Kristine Buckley, Weight Management Program

Loss 3 inches off my Waist in 2 Months!

“… My goal was to get fit and active again, in 2 months I achieved that and I lost 3 inches off my waist. I am down 3 pant sizes ...”   Gary Kerr, General Fitness Program



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